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Consultation Plan

-Sun Tsu

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”  

Project conception and initiation

Visit Client - Read-in and Familiarization 

Initial meeting, group brainstorming session, interview members and key stakeholders, gather and review documents and information required

Project definition and planning

Lead an options analysis to confirm Client’s current situation, its products and strategy.

Based on the previous step, develop findings and recommendations and draft plan of action. This will be presented to the client prior to launch. Once satisfied a “Project Charter” or "Statement of Work" will be prepared for and endorsed by the client.

Project launch and execution

Lead the development of a strategy management framework including mission, vision, core values, goals, objectives, strategies, governance structure and action plans.

Package is tailored to the client’s needs.

Project performance and control

Strategic planning support

Provide options analysis based on organizations strategic direction, reviewing key performance indicators such as; revenue growth, marketplace positioning and reduced effort with scalable deployment of products.

Support internal Strategic Discussions

Facilitate Strategic discussions.

Project close or continued support

Prepare interim reports as required

Based upon client plan, prepare and deliver reports.

Establish a retainer for recurring strategy orientations services

Compare current client practices to best practices applicable to the project. Recommendations will be provided to mitigate any gaps uncovered.

Develop business continuity plan for operations, including framework for future growth

Based upon all the findings and recommendations.

Strategy Navigator Consulting Inc offers competitive consultant rates that depend on the length of contract and level of challenge.


Strategy Navigator Consulting  Inc. will offer reduced rates for Charity and Not-for Profit organizations.

Strategy Navigator Consulting Inc. usually recommends a deliverable approach to better orientate and prepare for activities.

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