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DND 101

Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces

"The role of industry in support of the Canadian Forces will continue to evolve from a supplier of products, technologies and services to a mission‐critical operator of military assets"

~Improving Defence Procurement Consultations report

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) is a huge Government Department that spends millions of dollars on capabilities required to support operations.  There are many organizations that believe they have something to offer DND/CAF but have no knowledge of DND/CAF nor how to deal with this potential client. Some are already clients but would like to increase their efficacy or footprint within DND/CAF.


Strategy Navigator Consulting Inc knowledge and leadership acumen is uniquely positioned to support the establishment of an organisation's strategic framework that can support the strategy, operations, planning and governance needs of the organization today, and as it continues to evolve. This would result in a concise target plan to acquire new business accounts within DND/CAF.


Strategy Navigator Consulting Inc. does not guarantee success but is be able to lead sessions for the organizations leadership with the aim to outline:

  • Links and connections to the new Strong, Secure and Engaged, Defence Policy;

  • DND/CAF culture

  • Who’s who in the zoo

  • DND/CAF governance.

  • DND/CAF procurement plans, capability development program and decision-making process

  • Defining Operational Capabilities

  • Defining Capability Based planning

  • To expand their knowledge of DND/CAF procurement process i.e. who signs off to approve procurement, and how the procurement work for a project from start to finish. This is to include:

    • how the requirement is determined, recommended and supported;

    • how the project definition process works;

    • how funding is attributed;

    • how final funding approval is decided; and

    • how the project is managed;

  • To understand current requirements and ongoing initiatives

  • The Defence Acquisition Guide (DAG)

  • An options analysis to confirm if the organizations present or future products fit DND/CAF projected requirements

  • A Strategic Engagement Framework including Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Governance structure and Action Plan


Measurement of Success

Progress measurements will be achieved with the following deliverables:

  • A Strategic Engagement Framework;

  • Action Plan for the future;

  • An improved governance model for this market;

  • Potential facilitation of a meet with potential clients;

  • Timely and sufficient access to Strategy Navigator Consulting when needed; and

  • Constant revision of the strategy and opportunities for continuous improvement

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