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Develop Your Strategy.

Strategy Navigator Consulting

Mission: “To assist clients TO identify and attain their objectives.”
A vision and strategy is the blueprint that keeps your resources aligned and moving in the same direction to achieve your goal.
  • Did you know most strategies do not survive three years?

  • Do you have a process to select the best initiatives to move forward?

  • Did you know that without a careful, planned approach to execution, strategic goals cannot be attained?

  • Did you know entrepreneurs fail at executing their strategy due to a lack of an in place and repeatable framework or methodology?

  • Did you know that Financial and Insurance companies tend to favour organizations that have a strategy and a plan to execute it?

Strategy Navigator Consulting Inc. offers Strategy Management and Executive Coaching Consulting Services to Private, Public and Not for Profit organizations, tailored to their unique business challenges and enabling them to better execute their Strategy.

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Strategy Implementation



Executive Coaching and Leadership

Department of National Defence


Canadian Armed Forces


Offerings: Depending on where your organization is in its evolution, Strategy Navigator Consulting Inc. can assist and facilitate the conception, designing, creating and implementing your:

  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation;

  • Leadership Training and Coaching;

  • Project Management Strategies;

  • Risk Management Framework;

  • Change Management Initiatives;

  • Performance Management / Results and Delivery Framework;

  • Emergency and Security Management procedures;

  • Business Continuity Planning and Training; and

  • Future Capability Development.

Strategy Navigator Consulting can bring the full measure of decades of experience, education, training, leadership and skills as executives, managers and trainers to bear to assist you in tailoring a Strategy Management Framework adapted to your organization’s culture and objectives.

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